Head of Argentine Federal Intelligence (AFI), Gustavo Arribas appeared in front of courts today, denouncing his alleged link with the Lava Jato scandal.“I am at the total disposal of the law, such is my obligation, where I will contribute evidence and relevant documents” explained Arribas. He became implicated in the case following the news that he had received a total of US 594,518 in five bank transfers from a leading figure within the corruption scandal, Leonardo Meirelles in 2013. 

“I categorically deny any link with the corruption case and I reiterate that I don’t have any link with the Odebrecht company, Leonardo Meirelles and or Alberto Youssef” said Arribas .

You can view documents including emails and statements here.

The current AFI boss confessed to receiving one of the transfers, for US$ 70,495, which he puts down to the sale of a property in Brazil. However, he has denied knowledge of the other four transfers as well as any link to the Lava Jato investigation.

This comes after lawmaker and Civic Coalition-ARI deputy Elisa Carrió requested that Arribas be investigated. In addition federal prosecutor Federico Delgado insisted that various measures be taken in the investigation by the Anti-Corruption Office. Amongst these measures,Delgado requested that Brazilian court investigate Meirelles’ Skype.