It has only been three months since the last increase, but cab fare in Buenos Aires is going up yet again on Saturday, this time by 13.49 percent. As published on the Official Gazette this week, base fare will rise from $12.65 to $14.30 pesos and night fare (22:00 – 6:00) will start at $17.16 pesos.

According to Claudio Palmeyro, Buenos Aires representative and member of the taxi drivers’ union, Saturday’s fare hike is actually the second half of a two-part increase that was decided upon last year. By staggering the fare increase, the city government hoped to mitigate shock and allow citizens more time to adjust. The last increase occurred on May 30, 2014, when the Deputy Minister of Transportation of Buenos Aires ratified a 15 percent increase, changing base fare from $11 to $12.65 pesos.

Despite Law No. 3622, which mandates that the price of cab fare must be maintained for at least six months at a time in order to guarantee an established level of service for the public, the city government decided to move forward with implementing the second part of the fare increase in September.

In 2013, cab fare rose by 21 percent, and in 2012, 25 percent. In 2014, fare has increased by 30 percent in barely eight months. A left-wing informant representing the Nuevo Encuentro party states that between December of 2007 and January of 2014, the day-time taxi fare has increased 255 percent, and night fare, 326 percent. Toll prices in the Capital have also been raised by similar proportions totaling an estimated 925% increase. In addition, subte prices have gone up by 543 percent with SUBE.

The Vehicle Verification Service (VTV) also raised its fee by 80 percent this past July, despite the fact that this increase was scheduled to occur in 2015. The fee is now $377 for cars and $142 for motorcycles.