New ambassador to the US Martin Lousteau said it was time to end the "love-hate" relationship between the US and Argentina. Photo via

Well, the day has come. In just a few minutes, Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States. So far, the only official message from the Macri administration to his incumbent American counterpart came from the Argentine Ambassador to the US, Martín Lousteau. He will be the only Argentine cabinet official to attend the inauguration.

In a message via Twitter, Lousteau wished “all the success” to the new administration before the beginning of the ceremony.

“Today Donald Trump takes office as President of the United States. We wish all the success to the new administration and the [US] American people,” reads the tweet.

While not officially confirmed by Government sources, it is likely Lousteau will leave his post as ambassador in the near future. His departure from Washington is not a result of Trump’s election, but rather a necessary step in his “wish to return to local politics.”

Pundits have speculated about the possibility of him running in this year’s midterm elections, although whether he would run in the Cambiemos’ primaries or with the Radical Party (UCR) remains uncertain. This would definitely help him to raise his political profile and also with his main goal: The 2019 City of Buenos Aires’s mayoral elections.

Given his narrow loss in the 2015 elections against current Mayor PRO’s Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Lousteau can be confident that he has a following in the City. And he is a face we will be seeing a lot more of in 2017.