Photo via La Nueva

The government decided to assign more agents to President Mauricio Macri’s security detail, following intelligence reports indicating that there is a possibility that drug-trafficking organizations could attempt an attack against him. Even though the report indicates that the president is not in particular danger, the Security Ministry decided to take precautions anyway.

The reports cite the fact that approximately 30 members of Brazilian criminal organization, Primer Comando Capital (PCC), entered the country and are currently in the Province of Misiones. This is the same organization that took credit for the so called “robbery of the century” — which took place in the Paraguayan headquarters of private security company Prosegur.

Even though the report indicates that the organization might conduct an attack that could effect the president, government sources told Clarín that “there’s no concrete plan” to report.

“We believe it’s an attempt to harass the political power [structure] and send a message. For now, they’re only preliminary versions, but we prefer to be one step ahead,” the source said. And that’s been the case. The president doubled his  security detail during his last two public appearances, in the event to commemorate the anniversary of the May revolution and another in Lomas de Zamora.

However, sources say there will be no more to it than that: “if it were because of his detail, Mauricio [Macri] wouldn’t have any contact with the people, he would live in isolation. But that doesn’t go with who he is as a person.”