Alejandro Biondini. (Cedoc)

The government has reversed its previous commitment to funnel 20 million pesos to the Buenos Aires electoral front Bandera Vecinal, led by neo-Nazi candidate Alejandro Biondini.

Adrián Pérez, Secretary of Political Affairs of the Interior Ministry, confirmed the decision yesterday. “We believe that the State should make rational use of its resources,” he said to La Nación. “We cannot permit people to abuse them.”

Last Monday, the press learned that the ultra-right party would receive a sum equal to that of Cambiemos, Unidad Ciudadana, 1País and the Frente Justicialista combined, in order to print ballots of their candidates for national deputies and senators in the Buenos Aires province.

In primary elections, the law requires the government to give each political group enough resources to print the equivalent of one ballot per voter. Biondini’s front presented six separate lists for senatorial candidates and one for deputies. By that measure, Biondini should receive funds to print seven sets of almost 12 million ballots, one for each person in the national registry. Each other front presented one list.

Secretary Pérez justified the government’s transgression of electoral law on the grounds that “we should allocate the funds necessary to compete in the election to each group, not to each list of each group.”