Photo via La Cronista.

The vintage-looking, red brick building in Retiro, formerly used to house the President’s horses and carriages, will soon become Buenos Aires’ newest modern gourmet food market.

Built in the 19th century as a stable, this beautiful building situated on Leandro N. Alem Avenue — near the intersection of Alem and Córdoba Avenue — was converted to a parking lot for official vehicles several decades after its construction. It is known as “Cocheras Presidenciales.”

However, it’s purpose and name are set to change soon, as the government wants a private company to rent the space and turn it into a gourmet “Retail Market and Fair”. Starting at 2:00 p.m. on October 18th, private enterprises will be able to bid on the right to build and run the market for five years.

The base monthly fee for the space will be AR$ 145,000 (roughly US$8,300). Bidding documents, which must be completed to place a bid, can be purchased for AR$7,000 (roughly $400 USD).

The location definitely has an audience for a gastronomic market. Nearby offices provide plenty of midday foot traffic. Plus, the tourist trap of Puerto Madero is only a couple blocks away, adding to the number of people in the area on a daily basis.

Photo via giraBSAS.
Photo via giraBSAS.

The Ministry of Modernization of the City of Buenos Aires, headed by Andrés Freire (co-founder of Officenet), spearheaded the project, which aims to aid the commercial revitalization of the Retiro and Montserrat areas.

The tender, which must be filled out in order to place a bid, specifically mandates that “the commercial proposal, through the remodeling of a building representative of the society of Buenos Aires, [must] respond to the needs of modernization and urban recovery that characterize the environment.”

Also, according to the terms of the tender, whichever private enterprise wins the rights to create this new market will also bear responsibility for any renovations that need to be done to beautify and slightly modernize the space. People do not pay as much attention to the internal beauty of a garage as much as they do to an indoor food fair.