Photo via Telam

If you haven’t already heard, an Appeals Court ordered today Julio De Vido be stripped from his parliamentary immunity and detained, because he could potentially interfere with the case investigating him for allegedly embezzling millions that were supposed to go to an infrastructure work in the city of Río Turbio.

Not shockingly, several high-ranking government officials came out to celebrate the news, as they consider De Vido to be one of the emblems of Kirchnerite corruption during their time in office. One of the most vocal, and definitely the most colorful at the time of doing so, was Cambiemos co-founder and National Deputy Elisa “Lilita” Carrió, who has been after De Vido for years and accused him of uncountable corruption-related crimes.

“The Court has just ordered the arrest of Julio De Vido. Ah, ah … What caviar, what champagne! Remember, in 2004 I said: “De Vido is the cashier, he is at the center of the [Kirchnerite corruption] system.” And they looked at me, they thought I wasn’t making sense …,” said Carrió at a Cambiemos rally held today in the neighborhood of Caballito.

“This triumph belongs to all Argentines,” she added.

President Mauricio Macri echoed the statements during his time before the mic at the same rally:”We are not going to stop. Those who were complicit with what happened in the last decade…[making reference to the Kirchner administrations] will end up in prison” he finished.