(Photo via Puntacana-bavaro)

Jet-setters rejoice. As announced this morning, the Government has now made it obligatory for all airports across the country to offer free wifi.

And it doesn’t end there. It was also specified that the wifi needs to be of a quality that ‘satisfies users’. That means you can now upload that ‘going away’ selfie to Instagram mere seconds after you check your bags. You can now elicit envy and travel lust in your friends and loved ones without having to tap into your own data plan. The millennial dream is alive and well in Argentina’s airports.

The new guidelines on this free wifi initiative state that providers must “establish a guaranteed minimum speed even during peak usage times” as “it is the best option given timing arrangements in airport terminals”; with the quality department of the Regulatory Body of the National System of Airports (ORSNA) using quality levels of wifi that exist elsewhere in the region as well as other countries throughout the world for reference.

As of now, free wifi will have to be available ’24 hours a day, 365 days a year, continuously and uninterrupted.’