Foto via La Nación.

The cities and towns that surround Buenos Aires City, known as the conurbano bonaerense, have become a politically charged battle ground for votes in light of the upcoming midterm elections.

Today Argentina’s ProCrear Program and the Cambiemos political coalition, launched their most recent plan. Their incentive aims to expand access the county’s natural gas pipeline network, and who knows — maybe even sway a couple of votes.

The plan, “Chau Garrafa” or Bye Tanks is meant to economize the switch from gas-tank run homes to residences with direct access to the natural gas pipeline. Buenos Aires’ suburban area already has an underground pipe network running, the main barrier to access is financial not structural for many residents who call the conurbano bonaerense home.

Which is precisely the issue that Bye Tanks is trying to tackle. Through this project, the government is now offering micro loans for citizens who want natural gas access from the pipeline instead of tanks.

Currently, most of these homes get by with the use of gas tanks to fuel their essential heating devices. The value of each gas tank was outlined by the government to be AR $134.38, yet these prices tend to reach AR $300 in many cases.

The microloans provided through this program offer amounts ranging from AR $9.000 to AR $16.000. The loaned amount varies depending on the number of access points you would want installed on your property. The maximum limit is three access points, one for the kitchen, the water heater, and a radiator.

Chau Garrafa’s marketing plan centers around the fact that the loan can be paid off over sixty monthly payments, each adding up to between AR $257 to AR $433 a month. However, it must also be highlighted that there is 16 percent interest rate added to the original cost.

Another relevant factor to keep in mind is that not everyone can apply for Bye Tanks’ microloan program. Only households with a monthly income equal to or above AR $24,180, equivalent to three times the minimum, are viable applicants.

Applications are submitted online using ProCrear’s website. Applicants must be between 18 and 69 years old, with no negative financial activity on record.

Maria Eugenia Vidal and Rogelio Frigerio will be announcing the project today, along with their ambitious goal to reach 40,000 households in the Buenos Aires suburban area by the end of the project’s first stage.