Photo via Time.

With hot summer days around the corner, a new government plea to cut electricity consumption has been launched. The request? Air conditioning should be kept to 24 degrees. President Mauricio Macri called this process “a grain of sand” in the fight against climate change, “these little things help” he said

Keeping the AC at 24 degrees instead of 20 will reduce the amount of power cuts expected over the following days explained Under-Secretary of “Saving and Energy Efficiency”, Andrea Heins. This change will produce “an energy saving  capacity similar to Atucha II (Nuclear Power Plant), or to the energy consumed by 211 thousand homes “ stressed Heins.

The campaign “Saving and Energy Efficiency” was launched today with an official national energy efficiency plan to be presented between December 15th and 16th. The hope is to sustain the initiative throughout 2017. There will also be an energy saving tip guide published online alongside an energy efficiency app, teaching the basics and importance of cutting down on energy consumption. Tackling the country’s energy problem will take “years, strength and team work” according to Macri last year.

“We seek to reduce consumption without losing quality of life or comfortsaid Heins.

One future project on the horizon is to replace low energy lamps with more efficient LED technology, “This is a plan that goes beyond the current energy emergency situation” said Heins. Another project in the cards is an initiative that exchanges older electrical appliances for more energy efficient models and components.

“Argentina is fortunate to have the second biggest land area available for solar power in the world with the capacity of more than 3,000 hours worth of energy reserves alongside having the third largest space available for wind energy in the world” said Macri.