One of the students who gave his shoes to a barefoot kid. Photo via El Sol

The past couple days, weeks… OK year has left many of us in dire need of some good news. This downward trend in the current affairs has left many feeling pretty down, but a quick look at the little things can get us back on track.

Every gesture of kindness — regardless of how big or small it may be — serves as a reminder that humanity is still a thing. In this case, the good news of the day come from inside a colectivo in the Province of Mendoza, where two high school students gave a pair of shoes to a kid who was barefoot and in need.

According a story posted on Facebook (which was later picked up by local outlet El Solafter noticing the kid’s situation, one of the students decided to give him a spare pair of gym shoes he was carrying while the other one gave him his soles, as the ones from the shoes were worn out.

Photo via Infobae
Photo via Infobae

“‘I’m sorry, do you need shoes?’ he says. The kid looks at him and says yes. ‘Here, try these on,’ he tells him. He said bye to the kid with a pat on the head, telling him: ‘you’re not alone, always ask for help,” the post continues.

When asked about the motivations that drove him to act, one of the students, Tomás, said he comes from a “hard-working family” and that “I never went to bed with an empty stomach, but my parents make a great effort.”

Faith in humanity restored.