Teatro Colon

Of the many bragging points anyone finding themselves living in Buenos Aires happily spouts out to those living on the outside – having access to one of the world’s great theaters, Teatro Colón, typically ranks pretty high.

Though let’s take pause at the concept of “access” for a bit. While tours can be taken for a 180 ARS, seeing an actual performance on the renown stage can set you back a pretty penny. That was until Dionysus (or the board of directors) smiled upon the sullied peso poor masses.

In a decidedly awesome attempt to open access up to newer and apparently younger audiences, Teatro Colon has kicked off a new two year campaign that will offer a 50% discount to theater goers under the age of 35.

The campaign is set to go live February 23rd. For updates follow the hashtag #VamosAlColón or contact the Teatro Colón’s box office directly.