YOU! Yea, you, sitting on the couch staring at your laptop while Argentine knockoff cheetos run down your shirt. Want to get off your ass and do something good for change? Perfect.

On Saturday, July 25th Club Union de los Pibes is hosting a fundraising festival at the renowned event space El Galpón de los Milagros, in Palermo Soho, between noon and 11 pm.

Union de los Pibes is a volunteer-run non-profit dedicated to providing a fun intercultural atmosphere through classes & activities to children in Buenos Aires’ southern neighborhoods.

The goal of this festival, Festival Unión de los Pibes (FUDLP), is to bring exposure to various non profits and hopefully funraise AR$35,000, which would fund the organization for a year. Entry is free with a donation of clothes, school supplies or non perishable food goods. There will be activities for kids all day and fun for the adults at night (Yes I think this means booze, relax.)

Club Unión de los Pibes is a non-profit project founded in 2008 “that aims to provide children and young adults in the southern neighborhoods of Buenos Aires with a place to come together and strengthen their community.”

Its main objectives are to teach children how community matters, to provide them with educational support and to help instill the values and self-confidence in the them that will encourage them to make positive choices about their futures.

The club brings young adult volunteers living in Buenos Aires together with school-aged children from Barracas, La Boca and Constitución neighborhoods. Mentors are big brothers and sisters to the kids and build longstanding bonds that provide much needed consistency and serve as positive role models. The group meets every Saturday afternoon for a snack and activities, which can include art, music lessons, homework help or a game of fútbol in a nearby park.

So, if you want to feel better about yourself, please go, dear reader. There’s booze ferchristsake- no excuse… Think of the children.

For more information about volunteering or donating, please contact Nicolas Zucconi at or send a message directly to the Facebook Fan Page.