No longer do the gluten free people of the world have to suffer next to their friends drinking an ice-cold brewski. Well, at least the people in Entre Ríos don’t have to suffer anymore.

Technicians from the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) and two other universities in the province haven’t solved world hunger, but they definitely have given gluten intolerant people something to smile about by creating a beer from rice.

In 2015, Rosario made handcrafted gluten free beer out of sorghum, but the one made in Entre Rios is made of rice and uses a biotechnological process that reduces not only the cost but also the carbon footprint. So the beer is not only good for a fun Friday night, but it’s good for the environment as well.

Claudia Liberman, a specialist in the Program of Bettering Genetic Rice at the Institute, said the beer tastes much like a regular cold one and the only major difference is color, which is slightly lighter due to the whiteness of the rice.  Liberman says the flavor can be modified just like any other beer.

The beer is not yet for sale, but it has received plentiful praise in various tastings. Soon, the gluten free people of the world won’t have to gaze in longing at their friends at the bar and will able to join them in drinking a beer.