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President Mauricio Macri has arrived in Washington, D.C. and comes bearing gifts: La selección jerseys bearing Messi’s number 10 and the names of US President Barack Obama’s daughters, Sasha and Malia. Awwwww, adorable. One presumes that Carlitos and the rest of Boca Juniors are not amused.

While visiting Argentina last week, Obama confessed that his two girls would have liked to meet the football superstar: “They’ve already met one famous [Argentine]— His Holiness Pope Francis. Now they want to meet Messi, but I could not arrange that.” The Pope and Leo Messi: it’s unclear who has been divinely blessed. Oh, to be an Obama.

During Obama’s visit he himself was gifted with a Racing jersey by Buenos Aires City Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and with a River Plate jersey by Larreta’s second in command, Diego Santilli. Despite ample curiosity, Obama refused to reveal his preference for either River or Boca.

Macri is in the US capital for the Nuclear Security Summit, where he joins fellow world leaders to discuss combating nuclear terrorism and safety. Last night, he dined at the White House with US President Barack Obama and fellow presidents and prime ministers. Presumably discussion ranged from nuclear arms to Trudeau teaching them all how to plank.

Plank off! My money's on Michelle. via CTV
Plank off in the Oval Office! My money’s on Michelle. via CTV

Meanwhile, back in Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo is weeping softly over his sewing machine, as he monograms Portugal jerseys for each of the Obamas and a miniature one for Bo the dog.