German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is scheduled to come to Argentina this Thursday, June 8th. In her first official visit to the country, there are plans to relaunch German-Argentine relations and to discuss the G20 summit which is taking place in Argentina next year.

The Casa Rosada will host Merkel at noon on Thursday. She will be greeted by a presidential escort unit and both President Mauricio Macri and Merkel will make a joint statement to the media in the “Salón Blanco.”

German Chancellery spokesman Steffen Seibert stressed the importance of Merkel’s visit to Argentina. He considers it “important to find continuity in initiatives” and reaffirm the commercial ties.

Macri’s fist visit to Germany was last July, when he discussed the EU-Mercosur negotiations with Merkel.

Macri announced Merkel’s visit at the end of April. He stressed, “Something is happening in Argentina, a couple of years ago when I came here, Argentina did not receive so much attention and now there is a lot of attention, and that is a great challenge, we have to be aware. There are many differences between this process and the previous process: this emerged from the citizens’ own decision, it came from the bottom up and that gives a different force to what we do.”

This year, the two will attend a breakfast with members of the Argentina-Germany Chamber of Commerce and representatives of ten companies including Siemens, Voith, Berenberg Bank, among others who accompany the chancellor. Merkel will be accompanied by entrepreneurs who have not yet invested in Argentina, according to Deputy Cornelia Schmidt Liermann.

After, she will participate in a number of events around the city including the inauguration of the Walker organ, Memory Park, and the Technological Science Pole in Palermo.

She will finish her visit with a dinner at the Kirchner Cultural Center with the Argentine head of State.