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Banking and getting money out could be more difficult than usual on Thursday and Friday. The Banking union, led by Sergio Palazzo, announced that its members will hold ‘informative assemblies’ aimed at determining what steps need to be taken in wake of what they say are bank authorities’ failure to honor the agreement signed with the union at the end of last year. Service will be affected because workers will attend the assembly rather than work.

The association has said that those entities who have complied with the agreement will not be affected, but it still remains unclear which branches will be open in the upcoming days. This is apparently the aim of the measure; “it’s about the element of surprise”, a source close to the leadership explained. “Each branch can determine to what extent they will cease public services”. Basically, we don’t know which banks will provide “limited service” nor do we know just how limited the service will be. So everything could be fine, but it could also be awful.

The Banking Association announced in a statement that a formal meeting has been organized for the 13th of February. Union authorities will meet then with the goal to set a date for a national strike.

The feud between banking unions and its authorities goes back to the end of last year, when most authorities agreed to give workers a salary increase that exceeded the Government’s expectations for the year’s inflation. However, some are reported to not have honored the agreement, leading to the current conflict.