For the rest of June, Bebop Club will present a unique mashup of old and new Argentine musicians with their weekly show, “Leyendas del jazz” Friday night.

During this series, a group of Argentine jazz legends will play with three up-and-coming talents, and a surprise guest musician will feature at the end. In the spontaneous spirit of jazz, this series comes with a twist: not only will you not know the lineup until the start of the show, but the musicians also won’t know who their co-performers are until two hours before they go on.

Keep an eye out for Argentine jazz masters like Gustavo Bergalli, who built a reputation of being one of the best trumpeters in Scandinavia during his years abroad in Stockholm, and Jorge Navarro, former pianist of the Swing Timers. Make sure to reserve your event tickets on Bebop’s website — it sounds like a classy way to start the weekend.


Bebop Club

Moreno 364


Every Friday night at 9 PM

Until June 29

How Much

AR $250