Several organisations have come out on social media over the last couple of days to promote “tetazos” (topless protests) around Argentina, in response to an incident that took place on a Necochea beach earlier this week. Police officers were called in to force a group of women sunbathing topless to cover up their breasts after another beachgoer complained.

According to local sources, an estimated 20 police officers and six patrol cars turned up on the beach after receiving an anonymous call reporting a situation of “exhibitionism.” The dispute that took place between the sunbathing women and police was filmed by multiple bystanders on the beach at the time. The videos, which show the ‘offenders’ in question insisting that they should be able to show their nipples the same way men are allowed to, were uploaded to Youtube and have now gone viral and ignited a pretty heated debate on social media.

The main event, organized by Agitaciones contra el Acoso Callejero, has been scheduled to take place at the Buenos Aires Obelisk next Tuesday (7th February) at 5pm, under the rallying cry “our breasts should not be censored.”

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“Equality! The only tits that annoy you is the ones that you can’t buy!” reads the event description on Facebook, further highlighting the purpose of the protest.

“Tetazos” are also set to take place in Rosario and Corrientes, on the same day at the same time at the Monument to the Flag and on Friday at 5pm on Playa Arazaty, respectively.

Meanwhile, in Mar del Plata there will be a protest at 3pm. The event will be held on the Playa Grande and, according to the Facebook event page, will take place “at the same time that the program ‘Almorzando con Mirtha Legrand’ airs, in order to achieve a greater impact.”

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