Tomorrow, you can forget about recharging your SUBE card in those lengthy lines of the kioskos.

On Thursday, June 15th, there will be free subway rides during rush hour. The Association of Workers of the Subway and Premetro (AGTSyP) announced the news as part of their demand for a salary increase.

Workers will open entry to the subway between 7:00 and 9:00 AM at the stations San Pedrito (Line A), Juan Manuel de Rosas (Line B), Constitution (Line C), Congress of Tucumán (Line D), Plaza de los Virreyes (Line E) and Las Heras (Line H).

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can take another free ride during 5:00 and 7:00 PM at the stations Plaza de Mayo (Line A), Leandro N. Alem (Line B), Retiro (Line C), Congress of Tucumán (Line D), Bolívar (Line E) and Las Heras (Line H).

The sector’s negotiated agreement expired 105 days ago and workers are upset that there has been no word or negotiation on wages since.