With the events following Nisman’s accusation last week unfolding more like a James Bond spy flick than your average political scandal, Twitter isn’t about to miss out on a chance to troll the government.

So was the message addressed to the President from “Frank Underwood,” the unofficial twitter account of the shady fictional Congressman from the US television series, House of Cards. The hit show follows Underwood’s career of ruthless pragmatism, manipulation, and lies on the path to power and the “greater good.” Remind you of anyone?

Not missing the parallels between Underwood’ world of shady behind-the-scenes dealings, mafia-like corruption and shocking deaths with this week’s stranger-than-fiction allegations, @Frank_Underwood is making light of a very shadowy situation.

Cristina... A real-life Frank Underwood?
Fictional US politician Frank Underwood.

Yesterday, House of Cards was also linked to Cristina in a faux-Netflix poster tweeted by @Falklands_utd. “House of Cards” became “House of K’s [Kirchnerism]” and featured a bloodstained hand, doubling up as a Peronist V-sign.

You don’t need to be an art critic to figure out what that means. In the background, “starring Kevin Spacey” was replaced with a sinister ” starring CFK.”

Furthermore, by placing the full stop before the “@” sign, Frank ensured that although Cristina herself did not receive the message, the post could still be viewed worldwide.

@Frank_Underwood has well over 113,000 followers and a tagline reading “Democracy is overrated.” Sounds about right.