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People in Villa Lugano, get ready to hear the sound of tires skidding and engines revving , as the Buenos Aires Formula One Grand Prix could make a comeback!

It has been rumored for a while and officials are now quietly talking the press to the press about it: the Autódromo Juan y Oscar Gálvez could soon bear witness to some F1 competitions starting as early as 2020, as the City Government of Buenos Aires is in contact with officials from the Formula One Organization.

One member even flew to London to meet with the Chase Carey, Executive Director of the most famous racing tournament. The city has also contacted Liberty Media, which owns the right for the competition, and which are keen to see the Argentine Grand Prix making a triumphant return.

Chase Carey is regarded as Formula One’s savior, as the tournament is losing support from fans in stadiums and TV ratings. With the growing competition from Formula E (an eco-friendly competition, which Buenos Aires had planned to host in the past) Carey wants to grow Formula One into areas where fans will still show up for the action, and Argentina seems to be a target market.

Right now, three companies from Argentina, Mexico, and South Africa are interested in taking over the event’s promotion.

However, it would not be free, as renovation of the old circuit would cost US $25 million, in addition to the US $300 million which will be paid to Liberty Media for a five-year contract. The cost is typically divided between the Government and the promoters.

The Deputy Mayor of Buenos Aires, Diego Santilli, asked both the media and fans not to get too excited yet, as he declared that “we all dream of bringing back Formula One, but it is a gradual process. We are preparing the candidacy to be one step away, and if everything goes according to plan, we will take that step and bring the Grand Prix back to Buenos Aires.”

Argentine F1 superstar, Juan Manuel Fangio (Photo via Pinterest)
Argentine’s Formula 1 superstar, Juan Manuel Fangio (Photo via Pinterest)

For any Formula One fan, the Autódromo brings back many memories. The Argentine Grand Prix was hosted there several times, between 1953 and 1966, 1972 and 1981 and finally from 1995 to 1998. Named Juan y Oscar Gálvez in memory of two Argentine racers and brothers who were both killed during races, the circuit witnessed many victories from Juan Manuel Fangio, the Argentine superstar and five-time world champion, who is also famous for being captured by Fidel Castro’s troops during the Cuban guerrilla war.

Let’s hope that the competition won’t just be about money, and will actually bring some Argentine racers back in the pits. Although Argentina is one of the most famous countries for automobile competition – hosting a part of the Dakar and a Moto GP – Gastón Mazzacane was the last Argentine to drive a Grand Prix in 2001. But hey, it is sport we are talking about here, and we all know why Formula 1 chose Argentina: the insane South American passion will probably ensure a lot of cash for the organization.