Left to right Daniel Scioli, Sofia Clérici, Gisela Berger. Photo via Diario Digital 24

If Oscar Wilde is right, and life really does imitates art, ex-presidential candidate Daniel Scioli’s rather public personal life at the minute is rather more telenovela than Wordsworth raving about daffodils. Just a couple of years ago, the former Buenos Aires Governor and former Vice-president appeared to be happily married to Karina Rabolini, his wife of 30 years and was running as Victory Front candidate in Argentina’s general elections.

But after narrowly losing out to Mauricio Macri in 2015, Scioli and Rabolini also went their separate ways (again – or maybe just more publicly), and since last year he has been seen with Gisela Berger, the “woman who forced [Scioli] to get my life back on track”, according to the man himself. The 28 year old from Córdoba who stole Scioli’s heart worked in an agrochemicals company, but always dreamt of coming to the big lights of BA to try her hand at modeling. It is allegedly only a matter of weeks ago that Scioli, speaking of his relationship with Berger, confessed to a close friend: “I am very much in love. I found a girl-next-door type, low-profile, lives in a studio apartment. I feel like settling down.”

Photo via Infobae
Photo via Infobae

This happy bubble was burst on Monday however, when Berger found a Whatsapp conversation between Scioli and ex-playboy bunny Sofía Clérici, also 28, which featured nude photos and videos of Clérici, and implied plans to meet in a hotel. As all people do when suspecting their partner of cheating, Berger took to Twitter to expose the x-rated correspondence, with the caption “…and he said he was going to play football and go to a work meeting!!!!!” and tagging three news outlets in the tweet. She then told Clarín, “I realised I had been cheated on by Daniel: I saw photos, videos, everything. Messages, dates, addresses, everything!” Adding fuel to this fire is the alleged fact that Berger is expecting Scioli’s child, which she claims to have been told not to mention publicly — even to her family.

On, Tuesday, Sofía Clérici broke her silence, and confirmed that the conversations were real. In an interview with El Diario de Mariana, she stressed that the two were just friends, and while they get along well, have not had any sexual relations. She passed off the suggestive pictures and videos as joking around with friends and confessed that as she “doesn’t have a boyfriend, and doesn’t have to answer to anyone.”

Asked if she was aware that Scioli was in a relationship, she explained that while the two never spoke of Berger, she understood the pair had a “liberal” relationship. As far as planning to meet secretly in a hotel room goes, they are “friends, who meet up for coffee…but as we are public people, we cant just go to any old street corner.”

Scioli was the next to give an interview, speaking to Jorge Rial on A24. He mirrored Clérici’s sentiment, claiming that she was not “the other woman” and that there is only friendship between them. And the saucy photos, featuring whips and masks? She often sends things of the sort, to promote her lingerie range.

Scioli later announced that Berger was pregnant — despite claims by Berger herself that Scioli asked her to keep this cat in the bag previously — and that he was going to be a father, at 60. He apologized for the “situation that he has created” and said he understands that Berger is being “sensitive, like all women in a position like this.” He treated the debacle in true politician fashion, talking of difficult times, and assuring that “these things have given him more to fight for”, hoping that “God would help him be a good father” and that he has more “faith, hope and optimism than ever.”

3 and a half months pregnant, Gisela then came out to say that, while Scioli now appears keen to play happy families, that’s not really the case, and that upon first hearing the news of his future child, Scioli allegedly asked her to get an abortion. In a telephone interview with Ciudad Magazineshe described his immediate reaction: “This is a mess! This is a mess! Isn’t there anything we can do?,” she claims to have been told by the politician.

As far as Berger is concerned, the relationship is over and the two haven’t spoken since the bomb dropped. She even confirmed it in a Whatsapp voice message to showbiz journalist Tomás Dente. Scioli, on the other hand, wasn’t so clear; when asked by Jorge Rial whether the two were now separated, he diplomatically replied, “when you have a child on the way, you have to focus solely on that. Do the best you can. My age, and the age difference, has to help in moving things forward.”

Clérici, though confirming the chats were real, has criticized the violation of her privacy that revealing them caused. Despite this apparent desire to keep things under wraps, she seems to be doing pretty nicely from all of the publicity, appearing on El Diario de Mariana to speak about the situation, promoting her underwear line and speaking to TV’s The Mornings Angels (Los Angeles de la Mañana) to talk about appearing on Dancing With The Stars (Bailando por un Sueño), the TV show with the highest ratings in Argentina.

Sofía exhibiting her lingerie collection... Photo via Parabuenosaires.com
Sofía exhibiting her lingerie collection…
Photo via Parabuenosaires.com

Scioli also criticized the public scrutiny of his personal life. On a work-related visit to Tandil, meeting with bishop Raúl Troncoso and rector Roberto Tassara, Scioli was ambushed with questions regarding the current scandal, about which he refused to comment. Quoted in Diario Popular, he laments that “politics has to do with slander and personal lives these days” but admitted that his “passion for sport [Scioli was previously a professional speedboat racer] and for politics has led me to neglect my loved ones.”

Scioli was also asked whether he thought the baby would be born ‘with a loaf of bread under its arm’ — that is to say whether it will bring him luck in the future — possibly referring to his campaign in the upcoming mid-term elections.

Scioli’s motto has always been one of “faith and hope”, and by the looks of it, he’s intending to apply this philosophy to his current situation. But, as Gisela Berger has reportedly left her Palermo home today, “in fear” that something could happen to her, it looks as if the challenge ahead for them is rather large.