Foto Via: Clarín

Rudolph — Rudy — Giuliani will be visiting Argentina this week. For those unaware, the visitor is the former mayor of New York and Donald Trump’s current advisor on cyber security. His latest role has him standing side by side with Argentine Senate candidate Sergio Massa in the last stages of the upcoming midterm elections.

Sergio Massa, a candidate running under the political party 1País, will give a speech today in Tigre regarding his number one concern for Argentina’s Society: crime. That’s where Giuliani comes in.

Massa’s connection to Giuliani was never a secret. The former New York Mayor and the current candidate for Buenos Aires senator have been meeting as far back as 2013. Massa was even invited to Trump’s presidential inauguration last January.

Rudolph Giuliani’s private consulting firm has taken on the job of investigating Buenos Aires’ crime and safety programs. Today, the former mayor of New York will present a report to the Argentine public, that tackles this particular concern.

The report is based on research undertaken in April. During that time, in a lapse of ten days, his advising team took the liberty to meet with several Buenos Aires government officials. The team held meetings with the Ministry of Security, the Penitentiary Service, the Power of Attorney, the Ministry of Justice and many representatives of Buenos Aires’ municipality.

The meetings that took place in April were held without previous knowledge of any political affiliations. However, the report severely criticizes Buenos Aires’ Mayor, Maria Eugenia Vidal, and her methods of tackling the impending insecurity situation suffered within the city.

As the report claims, the Vidal’s approach to insecurity “lacks an appropriate diagnosis and a plan integrating material that combats insecurity”. Not to mention, Giuliani’s consulting firm has also concluded: “the prevention system appears to be weak and…faults are (preventing) police’s efficiency”.

A member of Sergio Massa’s political party, provincial senator Jorge D’Onofrio, gave an account of these pre-mentioned flaws. D’Onofrio complained that “because we defend delinquent’s rights, we do not have a DNA database for criminals. By instigating such a tool, for instance, we could even know how fiscal attorney (Alberto) Nisman died”.

Throughout the years, Giuliani and Massa have been working together to tackle Buenos Aires Province’s crime rates, a key element of Massa’s electoral campaigns. Massa adopted Giuliani’s help back in 2013, and promoted Giuliani’s approval of his municipal security plan for Tigre. Giuliani’s approval at the time, heightened the impact of Massa’s campaign.

Without a doubt, Massa is hoping Giuliani’s appearance tomorrow will have the same effect on the upcoming PASO midterm elections.  Once again, Massa will express his concern towards Buenos Aires’ insecurity rates and propose his solutions.