Berlocq wasn't too happy. Photo via La Nación

An ATP 250 tennis match was subject to some on-court conflict on Wednesday, when two of Argentina’s former Davis Cup teammates Guido Pella and Carlos Berlocq exchanged insults during their round of 16 match in Brazil.

Berlocq, currently ranked no.67 in the ATP rankings, was angered after a point-winning shot from Pella clipped the net during the second set. Charly proceeded to air his frustration at the lack of courteous apology from Pella — in tennis, it’s customary for players to apologize if they win a point after their shot touched the net — towards the crowd, loud enough for his opponent to hear.

“After he hits it, it touches the net and he doesn’t say anything to me. How is he not going to say anything? You motherfucker,” Berlocq complained, his back facing Pella.

Pella, ranked 166th and with the game poised 7-5, 2-0 in his favour, responded coolly, asking “What happened? Did I do something to you?”. Rather ominously, Berlocq, who hails from Chascomús, responded by saying “you will know”.

The umpire eventually intervened before things could get too heated, but the pair were not done.

“Okay, play, you’re complicated”, said Berlocq, before Pella dealt a final crushing blow, asking him “How are you going to fight me, boludo?”

Less than a month ago, both players featured in the Davis Cup series match which saw holders Argentina end up losing against Italy.

Pella went on to win the match 7-6, 6-3 and today faces Spain’s Albert Ramos in the quarter finals.