Photo via Big Bang News

Former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner presented two written statements this morning to Federal Judges María Romilda Servini de Cubría and Julián Ercolini in the context of various cases pending against her, stating that she is, “the victim of [political] persecution and of a smear campaign.” Cristina is currently being investigated in the Future Dollars Case, the Hotesur money laundering case and for allegedly omitting assets from her tax statement.

She also sought to extend her own charges against the Progressive Party’s National Deputy Margarita Stolbizer — who presented charges against Cristina for money laundering and allegedly omitting US $5 million from her tax statement — and federal Judge Claudio Bonadio — whom she has continually accused of having a “clear political aversion” towards her.

“The crimes for which I have been prosecuted are nothing more than a maneuver to generate a scandal […] They want to rob me of my freedom in any way they can,” reads one of the phrases of the documents, according to her lawyer, Carlos Beraldi.

She also presented a series of documents allegedly proving her innocence in the cases against her.

“First of all, regarding the alleged money laundering […] there are no ‘suspicious transactions’ in the bank accounts, since all of [my] financial operations were made through [legitimate] banking circuits and official foreign exchange desks,” stated Cristina.

“Given that, there could not have been a malicious [or willful] omission in my tax statement [nor] any illicit enrichment. In this case, what Mrs. Stobilzer has done, incredibly, is willfully distort stolen information in order to double the money in cash that had been declared,” concluded Cristina.

Given the nature of what she calls her political persecution, Cristina has called for a full investigation into Bonadio and Stolbizer’s claims.

In response to Cristina’s comments, Stolbizer wrote an ironic open letter on Facebook stating that, “[She] would rather be called an idiot [but] never a thief” and that the investigation had, “hit [Cristina] where it hurts most: not the heart, but her fortune.”

Stay tuned for more open letter burns, guys, this is just getting started.