Football violence has tragically seen the death of a 22 year old Belgrano fan, after falling over three meters and hitting his head on the floor. Emmanuel Balbo was trying to escape a violent attack at the Belgrano vs. Talleres game in the Mario Kempes stadium when the event happened and the violence was all caught on camera. The Belgrano fan was falsely singled out as being a Talleres fan, which led to the violence.

After the fall, Balbo was admitted to the Hospital de Urgencias in Córdoba where he was pronounced brain dead. He spent two days in intensive care, but was unresponsive to treatment and was pronounced dead this morning. His father, Raúl Balbo released a statement.

“My son arrived at the pitch with his friend Lucas. He didn’t go to the seated section and bought a ticket to go to the Willington (standing area) stand, where a group of savages attacked him for being a Talleres fan”

According to the prosecutor, Liliana Sánchez, four men linked to the event were caught on camera and have subsequently been arrested; father and son, Matías Oliva, Cristian Oliva, Raúl Vergara and Pablo Robledo. Each has been charged in the death of Balbo and could be looking at a sentence of up to 32 years behind bars.

“The assault starts before, when you can see Balbo being hit as he was descending the stands” said Sánchez. authorities are still looking for the alleged primary instigator of the incident, Oscar “Sapito” Gómez.

Gómez has another previous, equally tragic, connection with the Balbo family after he was convicted of killing Emmanuel’s brother, Mauricio, during an illegal street car race back in 2012. Some suggest this may have been the reason for the confrontation between Emmanuel and Gómez.

“It is unbelievable, terrible savagery. We have all been unable to believe what has happened” stressed Sánchez.

This evening, Belgrano fans have organised a march in tribute to Emmanuel, starting from 6:30PM and walking from the club’s stadium to the police headquarters in Córdoba.

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