Flybondi's proposed fleet will be made up four Boeing 737-800 planes

From September, you’ll be able to fly from Buenos Aires to Córdoba for a mere AR $500.

Speaking last week at the low-cost airline’s offices in Puerto Madero, Flybondi owner Julian Cook announced plans that will see flights being offered at an average rate of 500 pesos. That’s 30% below the cheapest options currently offered by Aerolíneas Argentinas and LATAM.

In fact, the new prices are below the AR $700 minimum tariff band set for the sector, something Cook says they are trying to get rid of.

“We are asking the government to eliminate all tariff restrictions. We’d prefer to charge 10 pesos [for a ticket], rather than fly with an empty seat,” he told reporters.

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Back in February, five airlines had their requests to plan low-cost routes approved by the Air Transport Advisory Board (JATA), two of which were suspended – Avian/MacAir, owned previously by the Macri family and now by Avianca and Flybondi.

Flybondi were one of those five, and Cook says they will have the necessary contracts in due course. “In our case, we did not present aircraft leasing contracts, but we have six months to do so from February 13… In a month, we’ll have those contracts.”

Cook also spoke of plans to make improvements to the airport at El Palomar, Buenos Aires Province, as part of the scheme. “We are going to invest 20 million dollars to the conditioning of the airport at El Palomar so that it will be ready to operate from 2018.”

It would also see the introduction of four Boeing 737-800 planes, with an age of 5-10 years, linking Jorge Newberry Aeroparque with Córdoba, Mendoza, Iguazú and Bariloche.

“Our plan is to transport more than 8 million passengers by 2021, with some 28 aircraft and pilots flying around 75 hours per month”, Cook said. In comparison, Aerolíneas pilots on average fly less than 48 hours per month, while those of LAN fly around 60.