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UPDATE 5PM: Pilots have called off assemblies for the remainder of the day and say that flights should return to schedule shortly.

Jorge Newbery Airport’s pilots are holding an informal assembly today, which will cause delays for your carnaval travels this weekend. The pilots, who are part of the Association of Airline Pilots (APLA), represent many airlines, so all flights have the potential to be delayed (but hopefully not canceled) this weekend.

The APLA is meeting in response to months of conflict with the National Administration of Civil Aviation (ANAC) over “The unjust dismissal of employees, poor working conditions, and the [salary] deductions for the workers that exercise their legitimate right to strike.”

APLA hopes to address de-unionizing pressure, and the assembly is meant to be a symbol of airline union strength and conviction. The APLA assembly began at 11:30 AM today, in hopes of representing airline unity and conviction amidst de-unionizing pressure from the Department of Transportation and ANAC.

If you need to travel this weekend, you still can. Consider arriving a little earlier, catching a nice café, and rolling with the flow with this weekend’s travel. Even if you arrive a little later to your destination, carnaval will be waiting for you with its non-stop fiesta.

Photo via Infobae (via APLA)
Photo via Infobae (via APLA)