Early this morning, a pilot’s union went on strike at the Aeroparque International Jorge Newbery, causing the cancellation of six LATAM passenger flights and the delay of many others.

The Ministry of Labor demanded obligatory conciliation, gradually neutralizing the situation. Barring further complications, the delayed flights are expected to run soon.

The flights canceled were to Salta, Neuquén, Mendoza, Córdoba, and Santiago del Estero (two flights to the Termas de Río Hondo).

The union, also known as the Association of Airline Pilots (APLA), claims that LATAM does not renew their uniforms or respond to their demands for higher wages.

According to Mateo Ferreyra, the Secretary General of APLA, speaking to La Red radio, “For months we have been sitting with the company to try to find a solution in a peaceful manner; additionally, weeks ago a payment to was the pilots’ health insurance was cut.”

This is not the first time airline employees have protested. On January 9th of this year, cabin crew unions went on strike in Aeroparque to demand that the airline company receive their requests for salary increases.

During today’s strike, the pilots assembled in the central hall of the Aeroparque to discuss the official next steps to follow, including their meeting with the Ministry of Labor.