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Last week saw the Buenos Aires Health Ministry report the first case of dengue fever for 2017. A 21 year-old man began to develop symptoms on the 13th and a few days later went to the doctor for evaluation, where a blood sample was taken. The young man was quickly treated and is reported to be doing well.

Health Minister Ana María Bou Pérez spoke of the surprising nature of the case. Talking to La Nación she explained that “usually the first few cases are imported” from outside of the City, and as the young man hadn’t been travelling recently, it appears that he contracted the virus here in Buenos Aires.

Last month reports emerged that the mosquitoes known for carrying dengue were on the rise in the City; the fact that there has only been one instance of the outbreak is pretty surprising. This time last year saw 69 reported cases of dengue, which, according to Bou Peréz, is indicative of the progress of the City’s disease control.

The visible decline in the outbreak of dengue can be attributed to a variety of factors. “Weather is heavily influential in the dengue movement, and El Niño last year contributed greatly to its outbreak”, Bou Peréz explained; “people are taking more precautions to avoid being affected; with four different serotypes around there will inevitably be cases of dengue, but notable outbreaks are expected to occur every five or seven years”.

The Government has developed specific programs to help people combat dengue fever. Here are some everyday measures you can take to help you stay safe.

Here are some precautions you can take at home

  • Mosquitoes love the humidity and heat, so try and stay in cool environments if you can.
  • Use mosquito repellent especially at night and make sure it contains DEET
  • Don’t leave objects that can act as container of water lying around
  • Change the water in your flowerpots every three days.
  • Try to keep covered up; wear long-sleeved pants and shirts
  • It you want to follow Aranguren’s energy saving tips, use window and door screens and keep them open. If you’re hardcore, use a mosquito net when sleeping.
  • if netting isn’t your thing be sure to keep every window and door closed, and the air-conditioning running.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool, make sure you keep it clean and chlorinated.