If you were watching Canal 13 or Todo Noticias (TN) yesterday afternoon, you might have noticed they were having technical difficulties for a few hours.

The disruption in programming was caused by a fire that began around midday at the Clarín Group building in Constitución. Hundreds of personnel were evacuated but no fatalities or serious injuries were reported. Only six people received medical attention for minor injuries and four people were taken to a hospital with non-threatening injuries according to Alberto Crescenti of Emergency Medical Attention System (SAME).

By around 3 PM, firefighters extinguished the fire. Once the fire was put out, technicians worked to restore programming; Canal 13 restored a steady connection at 4:40 PM and TN at around 5:30 PM.

According to the TN journalist Dominique Metzger, smoke didn’t reach the TN studios but did reach those of Canal 13.

National Security Minister Patricia Bullrich dismissed the possibility of the fire being started intentionally and attributed the fire to welding being done in the warehouses of the building.

While the fire itself apparently wasn’t intentional, some people on social media with a distaste for Clarín Group celebrated it. Marcia Magnetto, daughter of Héctor Magnetto, CEO of Clarín Group tweeted: “Are you celebrating a fire? You’ve reached a new low.”

Even Victory Front (FpV) deputy Juliana Di Tullio scorned those celebrating the fire by tweeting: “I don’t like to see messages celebrating a fire where thousands of people work and someone could have been in danger. I was not taught that.”

And then added: “Even if they have disqualified us and lied about all of us and continue to do so.”

Still kind of nice, I guess.

Clarín Group is known for having been highly critical of the former Kirchner administration, which probably accounts for di Tullio’s comments.