Photo via Elesquiu.

The National Electoral Chamber today released the final results following an official and routine recount (escrutinio) from the presidential election, showing basically the same outcomes as those revealed on October 25th, with slight percentage decreases for all candidates except Victory Front’s (FpV) Daniel Scioli, who saw a slight increase.

It turns out that Scioli had a whopping 0.22 percent more of the votes than originally reported, giving him a 2.93 percent lead over Cambiemos’ Mauricio Macri. (The latter lost 0.17 percent after the final calculation. You beat him good, Scioli.)

Though the FpV did see a rise in the final count, it still doesn’t come close to changing the fact that there will be a runoff on the 22nd.

After the final count today, there is a 737,386 vote margin between the two candidates, not to mention five million of Massa’s supporters to win over before the runoff election. Scioli and Macri have been ferociously courting those 5 million voters.