Just as Argentine football looked to be returning to some degree of normality this week, it seems like we’re back to square one.

On Monday we reported how a meeting between club representatives, government officials and AFA’s Normalising Committee at Casa Rosada saw an agreement reached whereby the failed Fútbol Para Todos scheme would be sold. As such, it was expected that negotiations were to continue today as AFA seek a buyer for the rights to show first division football.

That, however, will now be pushed to the back of AFA’s agenda, as FIFA yesterday rejected their proposal for presidential elections to take place on March 16.

This will no doubt lead to further delays to the resumption of the season, meaning that March 3rd, thought of as the most realistic start date earlier this week, no longer looks a likely option.

Primera División clubs and those of the lower divisions had seemingly come to an agreement on the terms of the upcoming Presidential elections, in which all parties are eager to rid AFA and it’s Normalising Committee of the ills that have brought them so much misery in the past year.

They proposed to have 22 representatives from the first division, 21 from the Ascenso (lower leagues) and 3 from the interés (women’s soccer, beach football and futsal), however FIFA yesterday said they require a ratio of 22:19:6.

On top of that, FIFA announced that there needs to be a minimum of 45 days between the meeting of the Assembly and the elections themselves, in order to allow for the thorough vetting of candidates. That means that, as the Assembly was due to meet on February 24th, the elections cannot take place on March 16th.

“We have to analyse the statute sent by FIFA and find a solution”, said José Lemme, head of Primera División club Defensa y Justicia. Nueva Chicago president Daniel Ferreiro, however, took a more defiant stance in the wake of the news, saying “the Assembly will only vote on what has been agreed and reject any change.”

In the meantime, a new statute will be drawn up and presented at a meeting on Monday between representatives from FIFA and the South American governing body CONMEBOL. Plus, clubs from all divisions will be looking to organise another round of friendlies as a means of staying sharp before the season restarts, if ever.