The Argentine football team is apparently “under investigation” by the FIFA. The organization is evaluating whether the team “violated the rule of no political statements at matches.”

The debate started after last Saturday’s friendly warm-up match between Slovenia and Argentina in La Plata, Argentina. Posing in front of the cameras prior to the match, the Argentinian national football team held up a large banner that read “Las Malvinas son Argentinas.


The “controversial” Argentine team banner caused for a slight media explosion. Interesting though, as most of the controversy the banner has sparked is related to whether Argentina was wrong to make political statements at a game, not whether the Malvinas belong to Argentina or not. So… score one for football?

Furthermore, debate over the Malvinas has been hushed, as the English team has been forbidden to talk to the media about the Malvinas.

But yes, it will be interesting to see whether FIFA will sanction the local team for its actions. FIFA said on Monday that their lawyers “are analyzing whether the act violated the rules.” We can only speculate about what these sanctions could be, so we will just have to wait patiently. Although considering how important Argentina is to the football world, I think it’s a safe bet that nothing relevant will happen.

But guess who else is waiting to see what goes down? These guys: