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The first rivalry match between Boca Juniors and River Plate was played this Saturday and the intensity was set on high. Not only was basically every bar playing the game but even people passing by couldn’t help but drop in to check the game’s progress.

River Plate ended up on top, winning the game 2-0 and taking home the Copa Luis Nofal.

Both sides started off aggressively, causing foul after foul, but River quickly gained possession of the ball. The first half of the game saw a few shots on goal here and there but ultimately ended in 0-0. The second half is when things started heating up.

At minute 18 of the second half, River’s Sebastián Driussi was granted a penalty and gave River the upper hand. And only 6 minutes later, at minute 24, Arturo Mina scored an incredible header, securing a 2-0 lead for River.

Even though Boca didn’t manage to score a goal, they still caused a lot of drama. Ten minutes before the game ended, a fight broke out between the two teams, resulting in the expulsion of two players from Boca, Juan Manuel Insaurralde and Darío Benedetto, and one player from River, Driussi.

But of course in a game as big as this one, there wasn’t just drama between the players but also drama between the coaches. Before the start of the second half, Marcelo Gallardo (River coach) and Gustavo Barros Scheletto (Boca coach) were also expelled for delaying the start of the second half.

Following the game, Gallardo refrained from commenting on the expulsions but did say, “It was quite an intense game, quite dynamic.” But explained that their main focus was on a game this upcoming Saturday against Club Atlético Lanús, where they hope to take home the first title of 2017.

Up until the Boca match, River had already played four friendly games, three in the Florida Cup and one against Aldosivi. Back then, they were experimenting with various lineups but for the big game, River played with a player set up of 4-4-2 (4 defenders, 4 midfielders, 2 forwards), a strategic play that helped them bring the trophy home.

The next match between both teams is sure to be just as or much more intense, as Boca will surely want to get revenge and some redemption from having lost 2-0.