Sadness Discos Group, the label backing independent talent since 1996, are back with their showcase ‘Festival Sadness‘ in Niceto Club, Palermo, happening TONIGHT. And you know it’s something fun when they’re breaking open both Niceto A and B.

With D.I.E.T.R.I.C.H. headlining, come expecting lone-ranger jams from Sombrero– who you may have seen on the ‘casa cultural’ circuit-, smoother ambiance from Jackson Souvenirs, gentle soundscapes from Blien Vesne, and low-fi hymnal influences from Hurricane Heart Attack, among a lineup including Cristos, Abisales, Reino Cabra, Moonra, Rama, and DJ Stuart.

An eclectic night of Argentina’s independent best- check out the label here. Even if only to score double points by combining “it’s an underground band I discovered” with “whilst I was in Buenos Aires”.

Niceto Club, Avenida Niceto Vega 5510.
Tickets $70ARS, available from Ticketek.
20h00 sharp.

Here’s a taster: