Photo via Infobae.

Cabinet Chief Aníbal Fernández accused opposition presidential candidates Mauricio Macri and Sergio Massa of forming an illegal alliance ahead of October’s presidential elections.

In June, Buenos Aires Mayor and Cambiemos candidate Macri denied reports suggesting he would work with National Deputy and A New Alternative (UNA) candidate Massa.  Fast-forward a whole two months and Macri has had a change of heart: he is now ready to work together with Massa to push for electoral reform, after all hell broke loose in the gubernatorial elections in Tucumán last weekend.

The two opposition candidates claim that their collaboration seeks to ensure the October 25th general elections are transparent and fair.

Macri reiterated his desire to change the voting system, labelling the current system ‘a bit shit’, “archaic” and “beneficial to cheats.”

The new voting system, in which electronic machines print out paper ballots, has already caused some controversy, it would be fair to say.  Last month the police raided the house of a programmer who reported a flaw in the systems in the run up to local elections in Buenos Aires, to name but one example.

Fernández pointed out that “nowhere else in the world would someone change the electoral system after the voting process had already started.”

He was even more concerned, however, by what he deemed the opposition’s illegal bid to form a pact:

“What we’re seeing here is a covert desire to form an alliance, which they didn’t do when they had the chance. The paper ballot system would technically allow this alliance, although it would practically make a mockery of the Argentine legislation.”

Fernández then accused Massa of “surrendering his candidacy and yielding to Macri.”

Massa must have loved that.

Here’s exactly what Macri had said:

“We can criticize ourselves for not having come together to make a claim [before], but this was a decision we took independently. The bottom line is that the government knows it’s in the minority and is trying to snatch votes.”

Strong words all around.