Photo from Maxi Failla - Clarín

UPDATE: News reports and social media posts indicate that Fernanda Chacón has been found safe and sound. Police Station 29 in the city of Buenos Aires confirmed that Chacón had gone with her partner to Tigre.

Fernanda Chacón, a prominent feminist activist, is missing. She was last seen getting on the 146 bus line around 2pm on July 21 in the City of Buenos Aires. In the past few months, Chacón suffered and reported multiple threats from her ex-husband, who has continued to harass her from the prison where he is detained on charges of gender-based violence.

Chacón has three children, including one daughter with her ex-husband Daniel Alberto Castro. In 2015, Chacón wrote on Facebook that Castro had not received a sentence in accordance with his abuse. At the time, he faced three counts of “minor injuries aggravated by the relationship.” Chacón fought to have him convicted of nine total counts of violence – physical and verbal – against her.

Chacón’s fight is not over. Castro was set to be released from prison in 2016 despite the terms of his sentence, which end in 2018. Chacón successfully pleaded with Judge Marcelo Alejandro Peluzzi, head of the Penal Enforcement Court 2 of the City of Buenos Aires, to refrain from discharging him until the end of this July. She opened a petition on to delay it further, as she announced that she fears for her life and the lives of her children.

Chacón is president of the Permanent Assembly against Gender-Based Violence. She led the search for justice alongside the family of Araceli Fulles, the 22-year-old woman who disappeared on April 2 and was found dead under construction debris in Buenos Aires Province house later that month.

As a “militante” in the fight for women’s rights and against gender-based violence, Chacón uses media outlets to communicate demands of the feminist community. She contributes to the blog Furia Feminista.

Friends and family are searching through social networks for knowledge of her whereabouts. Those who have any information can report to either of two numbers: 1134099045 (Daniela) and 1130171555 (Carolina).