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There’s really nothing more annoying than slow Internet (don’t roll your eyes and mutter “millennial” under your breath: you know it’s true), which is why this next bit of information is great news:  a new project by national telecommunications company ARSAT is set to provide quality Internet at a competitive price throughout all of Argentina — including the most remote locations in the country’s “interior.”

On May 17th, President Mauricio Macri will officially launch the Federal Internet Plan, as it is called, which is set to provide the same Internet quality found in the City of Buenos Aires to 1,200 towns and cities.

Speaking to corporations at the 7th COLSECOR National Conference last week, ARSAT President Rodrigo de Loredo heralded the initiative as one “defending the towns” (by that he meant anything that’s not the capital): “Internet is a tool that we cannot deny our society. That is our mission here at ARSAT: to make sure the 30 percent of Argentines living in small towns dispersed in 70 percent of our national territory have the same conditions favoring equality as those who live in more populous zones.”

(By “conditions favoring equality,” we’re fairly sure he’s just referring to Internet access).”One’s future cannot be conditioned by being born or growing up in a big city,” he added.

The goal is to have fiber optic connection offered at a cost 10 times lower than what’s currently being offered in many remote parts of the country, where a single provider sets the price at whatever it sees fit. ARSAT hopes to accomplish all of this in two years.

So next time you’re trapped in Tafí del Valle with a life-or-death email to dispatch, hopefully you’ll be able to do it. At a reasonable rate.