Recently, a father sold his disabled 16-year-old daughter to a sex offender for 200 thousand pesos in Mar de Plata.

The girl, who has a condition that caused a delay in her cognitive development, traveled to La Pampa in February with her mother to consult with a neurologist. Afterward, the mother had to complete paperwork in their San Luis home, so she left the girl in the care of her grandparents for a week. The girl would go on to suffer four months of abuse.

The father took the girl to his residence in Luis Piedra Buena, where he beat and raped her.

After a neighbor reported the case, social workers transferred her to a child protection institute. However, the father returned and took her to the Mar de Plata, where he reportedly “sold” her to a 74-year-old man for 200 thousand pesos. This man allegedly physically and sexually assaulted the young woman and forced her to do household chores.

According to the girl’s mother, the girl woke up drugged and with vaginal pains after her rescue.

On March 14th, a complaint was filed with the Department for Women at the Police Station. Four days later, policemen rescued the girl from the sex offender’s house, where they detained him, seized three cell phones along with documents belonging to the minor. On June 13th, they arrested the father in Santa Cruz.

The case was soon transferred to the Federal Court of Appeals. The 74-year-old buyer claimed that his purchase of the victim was a “dowry,” an argument that both Federal Judge Santiago Inchausti and Chamberlain Eduardo Jiménez struck down.

Both men were charged with human trafficking and sex crimes. The victim is currently staying in a children’s home and undergoing treatment for the physical and psychological trauma she sustained.