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Jean-Michel Bouvier has sent a letter to Pope Francis asking for the case of his murdered daughter to be reopened. He is citing “incompetence” from the judicial authorities and strongly believes that there are nefarious motives for hiding the true identity of the person or people responsible in his daughter’s murder.

The French man is the father of  Cassande Bouvier, one of the two French women who were brutally raped and killed in Salta, Argentina in 2011. The two young women were found dead in the Quebrada of San Lorenzo unclothed and with multiple indications of trauma.

Houria Moumni and Cassandre Bouvier (Photo via
Houria Moumni and Cassandre Bouvier (Photo via


Jean-Michel is looking for justice, asserting that one of the judges involved with the murder trial, Judge Martín Pérez, ran the case in a way that compromised the integrity of important evidence.

Bouvier also criticizes the methods of the police in arresting the suspected men and the manner in which they used “torture and manipulation” to get a confession out of them. Gustavo Lasi confessed to committing the crime but Jean-Michel believes the accused accomplice, Clemente Vera, may have been coerced in trying to admit to a crime he did not commit.

Vera told journalist J.C. Chatard that when the police arrested him they had thrown a sack over his head and then proceeded to repeatedly strike him. He said they told him to accept the charge or that it would go even worse for him. Vera even said they asked if he had kids and to think about the safety of his kids. But even then, Vera said he could not admit to a crime he did not commit.

Clemente Vera (Photo via
Clemente Vera (Photo via


One of the reasons that Bouvier reopened the investigation came from a letter families of the victims received in 2014.

J.C. Chatard was able to find the source of that letter and was told by that woman that there is a strong likelihood that the women were raped and killed during a party at one of the mansions in Buena Vista and then later taken to the forested area.

The witness claims to have seen the two French women, Houria Moumn and Cassandre Bouvier, by the pool at the party on July 15. She also remembers seeing two men insisting on getting their attention and then seeing the women go into the house and never returning.

Her theory is that one of the men drugged one of the girls too much and in order to keep the situation under wraps, they killed the other girl. This, of course, has not been proven and is just a theory.

This source claims that witnesses are intimidated into staying silent, saying that when one of the girls was beaten upon trying to escape by the man who had thrown the party. This person is thought by some to be the son of the head of the chamber of deputies and that he was considered “untouchable” by the authorities.

Jean-Michel is now looking for answers and wants the case of his daughter to be reopened and reviewed, not to just find justice for his daughter and her friend but also for the man who may have been wrongly accused.

Multiple sources indicate that Bouvier could have an audience with the Pope later this year