Fernando Farre, pictured, killed his wife almost two years ago in a brutal case of femicide

Fernando Farré has been found guilty of murdering his wife, a homicide that the jury ruled was doubly aggravated by a family link and by femicide. The jury was unanimous in its decision. Although the sentence is still to be officially announced in the next hearing, the corresponding penalty for such a crime is life imprisonment and, given the verdict, it is already known that this is the sentence Farré will be expected to serve.

Farré murdered his wife Claudia Schaefer in 2015, while the pair were going through divorce proceedings. Schaefer had previously made a victim’s declaration to the Dometic Violence Office of the Supreme Court. The pair had been separated for a year and the divorce process was proving to be a difficult one. Following the separation, Farré had moved to the house in the Country Club Martindale in Pilar that the pair had rented together. Schaefer was living in an apartment in Recoleta with their three children, then aged 8, 11 and 13.

On the 21st of August 2015 Schaefer, 44, arrived to the country house accompanied by her lawyer in order to retrieve some of her possessions. Farré’s lawyer and his mother were also present. An argument that had started in the kitchen continued to the wardrobe, where Schaefer had gone to get her clothes.

Farré entered after her, locked the door, and stabbed her to death with two knives that he had taken from the kitchen and hidden. The autopsy later showed Schaefer to have been a victim of 74 stab wounds, and her throat was slit. The lawyers heard screams and attempted to open the door, but were unable to. Eventually Farré himself opened the door from inside, at which point he sat on a chair and waited for the police to come for him. Schaefer died from blood loss as a result of the injuries she sustained. When the police found Farré he was covered in his wife’s blood.

At the time, it was Claudia’s sister Sandra who had to tell her nephews, Claudia’s sons, what had happened. Sandra said that the relationship had been violent, but her warnings to her sister were not enough to stop this tragic ending. Almost two years later, Sandra spoke to the press regarding the verdict, which she said brought her peace and justice.

Two days ago Farré made an appearance in court in which he read a letter to his children, now aged 15, 13 and 11. “I’d give my life to be the one not here and for you to be with your mother. It hurts me to carry on living,” claimed the man who has now been found guilty of her murder. Public prosecutor Laura Zyseskind lauded the verdict, saying that she hopes Farré remains in prison “until he dies.” Of course, any sense that justice has been served in this case can never make up for the brutal murder of yet another woman in Argentina.