Photo: DyN / Carlos Sarraf

Today, around midday, a huge mattress factory caught fire in Avellaneda, in southern Greater Buenos Aires. A column of black smoke was visible for hours from different points of throughout the city.

The Simmons factory, which takes up 3 city blocks, is located on Heredia street, very close to the Alto Avellaneda mall — adjacent to Barrio Agüero, an informal housing settlement that had to be evacuated as a preventive measure.

More than 20 fire trucks worth of firefighters worked to extinguish the flames. Only moments ago, a spokesman from the Echenagucia fire station said “the fire’s under control, but there’s still work to do”.

According to La Nación, the fire is thought to have originated in the factory’s storage area, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. Edesur and Metrogas both cut their services in the affected area, while the local police closed the streets surrounding the factory.