Photo via La Voz

Enrique Novo fought Facebook and won. The lawyer, who currently works in the municipality of Río Cuarto, Córdoba, says Facebook failed to fulfill several judicial rulings in his favor and must now pay him AR$270,000 (US$18,000). Novo first began going after the world’s largest social network in 2013, when he realized someone had set up a fake profile using his name and personal details. He asked Facebook to delete the profile, but the social network refused, saying it didn’t break any rules. Like a good lawyer, Novo decided to sue.

The court quickly verified there wasn’t anyone with the same name and details and ordered Facebook to delete the account within 48 hours, and, in the same time period, notify the contacts of that fake profile. Facebook quickly deleted the account after Novo filed suit but, crucially, never notified users that had been “friends” with the faker. Novo was not looking for any punitive or moral damages, but a Córdoba appeals court ruled that since Facebook never fulfilled court rulings to notify the contacts, the company owes him the cash, according to Novo’s lawyer.

The Bubble has reached out to comment from Facebook but has yet to hear back. We’ll update the story if the company responds.