Despite recent economic snafus, some politicians in Congress are pushing to keep our currency funky-fresh with a new initiative to get Pope Francisco on the 100 peso note.

The draft bill, launched by Frente Renovador party lawmakers Mirta Tundis, Adrián Pérez and Laura Esper, and lawmaker Elia Lagoria from the Trabajo y Dignidad caucus, was presented to the Finance and Budget committees in the Lower House on November 3rd and is currently awaiting discussion.

If approved by Congress, the Central Bank would proceed to circulate the cash allowing the Catholic public to carry their spiritual leader in their pockets. Everyone else can just appreciate “the intensity of his struggle and unconditional surrender in building social justice”, claims the group’s campaign to get his image on the Argentine peso.

In addition, the proposal supports Pope Francis’ formation of the “C-8”, a group of eight cardinals around the world who work to advance matters pertaining to the Church’s government, including a commission to reform the Work of Religion, also known as the Vatican Bank. It also mentions his committee established to protect children against sexual crimes containing an initiative to prevent pedophilia in the Church.

The draft bill praises the role of the first Argentine Pope, mentioning that he even chose to live in the humble Santa Marta residence and not in the traditional Apostolic Palace.

If that doesn’t get him on the peso, I don’t know what does.

Keep your eyes out in the coming months: Pope Francis may not be coming to visit Argentina in 2016, but he could be gracing our currency anytime now.

(Featured photo via Infobae)