People after finding out the news. Photo via Buzzfeed

The Senate yesterday approved a bill instating yet another holiday (feriado for all of you in the know)which will be introduced on June 17 of each year to commemorate Martín Miguel de Güemes, a military leader from Salta Province who defended northwestern Argentina from the Spanish during the War of Independence (1810-1818). The project had 47 votes in favor and 8 against fun.

This means that, thanks to Güemes’s military prowess, we will have a four-day long weekend since this year, June 17th falls on a Friday and Monday June 20th is National Flag Day. So we’ll all be able to spend those glorious four days as we all should: In bed, binge-watching period pieces without even considering stepping out into the frozen City.

According to a study by Mercer Consulting, Argentina will join India and Colombia as one of the “countries with the most national holidays in the world” club, with 18 feriados of which: 15 are fixed (immovable) and three are transferable (meaning that they can be moved, since they fall on different days each year). The same study informs Mexico is at the bottom of the list with seven holidays, while the United States has 10. Now we know why so many yanks come here for their semester abroad.

Miguel Martín de Güemes. Photo via Portal de Salta
Miguel Martín de Güemes. Photo via Portal de Salta

And things get better. There are still 10 feriados left this year. Besides the aforementioned June 17 and 20, you’ll be able to commemorate the awesomeness of our historic leaders with that wine-infused trip to Mendoza on the following dates:

  • July 9: National Independence Day. The administration also made Friday July 8th a holiday because, more vacation!
  • August 15: Commemoration of General José de San Martín’s death. He freed half of Latin America from Spanish colonization so you should know this. The holiday is actually on the 17th but since it’s a Saturday so the administration moved it to the next Monday.
  • October 10: Cultural Diversity Day, formerly known as “Race Day” before society evolved. Again, the holiday actually falls on October 12th but the administration moved it to a Monday to make it a long weekend.
  • November 28: National Sovereignty Day. The holiday is actually on the 20th, but guess what? The administration moved it to Monday the 28th so you can go to Mendoza, you drunkard.
  • December 8: Mary’s Immaculate Conception. Who knew we had Catholic holidays? Anyway, since the feriado falls on a Thursday Macri’s administration decided to make the following Friday a feriado as well. Road trip?
  • December 25: Christmas. You know that one.

President Mauricio Macri still has to officially approve the new holiday, but we expect he will. Or else.