An ocelot was sighted in Corrientes Province. Photo via La Nacion.

Last night as we all slumbered, magical things were happening in Corrientes Province. Specifically, the first ocelot sighting in Argentina in over a decade. A decade! If necessary, please refer again to the photo above to reach appropriate levels of excitement.

Thought to be extinct in the country, the small cougar-like creature’s habitat extends from Southern Texas to the North of Argentina. Now placed in the category of least concern on the “red list” by the International Union for Nature Conservation, at one point the ocelot species faced the danger of extinction. From 1982 until 1990,the ocelot was classified as a “vulnerable species” as hundreds of thousands were killed for their frankly DOPE fur. But you don’t see me killing people for their plataformas. It’s called manners.

The sighting took place in the Iberá nature reserve. Hidden cameras installed to monitor the reintroduced anteater population happened to catch the image of the ocelot deep within the estuary. Biologists at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) examined the photos and confirmed that it was indeed the elusive animal. Scientists are excited that  the sighting may indicate the presence of other ocelots as it was found on the remote island of San Alonso and is unlikely to have wandered there from outside the country.

Dali and pet ocelot Babou. Photo via
Dali and pet ocelot Babou. Photo via

Scientists are currently installing more cameras in the surrounding hills in the hopes of finding other ocelots. And more importantly, if we start a petition maybe we can get access to the livefeed.