Last year more than 175,000 Argentines came to the fair (Photo via Buenos Aires Ciudad)

Details of the third edition of the Expo Empleo Joven, the massive job fair in Buenos Aires that showcases – thanks to private companies – job offers and academic scholarships, are set to be announced today.

Registration for the applicants will be made available shortly after the official notice is given. This year alone, the expo promises at least 20,000 job opportunities and 3,000 scholarships. Similar to last year’s edition, Expo Empleo Joven will be hosted at La Rural on May 30-31, from 10 AM to 7 PM.

Entrance to the fair is free and clearly aimed at teens and adults between 16 and 35 years old. Last year, more than 175,000 attended, with 11,000 jobs on offer; this year the BA provincial government hopes to welcome around 200,000 attendees. Last year, the majority of people came from Capital Federal and the province of Buenos Aires; more than 70 percent came in hopes of improving their job situation.

The fair attracted mostly youngsters from the Buenos Aires city and province (Photo via Wikimedia).
The fair attracted mostly youngsters from the Buenos Aires city and province (Photo via Wikimedia).

However, during the two first editions only 5,683 positions were filled, though it’s worth nothing that there was a strong retention rate of 83 percent. However, these nearly six thousand jobs only represent 30 percent of the offers made by the companies, meaning the fair hasn’t quite been the success it set out to be. One of the problems lies within the discrepancy between the profiles the companies are looking for and the skill sets of the overall pool of applicants. For example, Infobae states that areas such as healthcare, languages, programming, logistics, and gastronomy are struggling to find applicants with the necessary qualifications.

“I would like to reach at least 50 percent of offers met,” said Diego Santilli, Deputy Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires, in a press conference. “The problem is that the job market is in need of diverse professional profiles. There is an important gap between the companies and the profiles, and we are trying to fill it thanks to the scholarships.”

Indeed, more than 10,000 scholarships will be awarded by the 300 participating companies (although only 3,000 during the Expo itself, via interviews; the others will be made available through companies’ websites). The entire investment by these private firms will reach AR $123 million, while last year’s endowment was just AR$ 20 million. The scholarships will help the students through their entire university careers; upon graduation, they can expect a nearly-assured position with the company that supported them.

Last year, applicants were mostly spending their times lining (Photo via Pagina12)
Last year, applicants were mostly spending their times lining (Photo via Pagina12)

One of last year’s main issues was the time spent queueing, especially at the entrance of La Rural. This year, the city will provide credentials to the candidates when they apply online. Upon sending their application, they will have to upload with it their CV (companies had complained of the amount of paper resumes they were left with at the end of each day, not to mention the environmental impact), they’ll then receive credentials with a QR code. The code will allow them to enter the fair easily, and companies will  scan them to access each person’s CV with ease.

Once registered, applicants will be able to withdraw their credentials at La Rural on the day of the Expo, or beforehand at the Casa del Gobierno de la Ciudad (Uspallata 3160).

The fair will also have stands set up for a variety of different workshops. Last year, a “How to Create your Resume” session was particularly popular with the young participants eager to increase their chances at securing stable, quality employment.

Last year’s edition left many youngsters frustrated given the marked difference between the number of people in attendance and the amount of available job offers. Let’s hope that this year, the fair will be a resounding success for both the companies and applicants involved.