According to a Twitter user, removing the statue was comparable to when the Taliban blew up the Buddhas of Bamiyan in 2001. (Photo/Wikipedia)
According to a Twitter user, removing the statue was comparable to when the Taliban blew up the Buddhas of Bamiyan in 2001. (Photo/Wikipedia)

Seriously, stop.

Seeing both antagonistic forces (the FPV and the PRO) butt heads over this was funny at first, but now it’s just getting annoying. The last time we read about this (which was probably by mistake, since nobody cares anyway), we learned that the statue was staying where it was at least for the next three months because a City court had issued an injunction on the National Government’s plans to remove it from its pedestal and take it to Mar del Plata.

Until yesterday, when a crane suddenly took it down allegedly for repairs (not for transfer.)

The horror! The anti-Kirchnerites were freaking out and took to Twitter to denounce the shameful heist, complaining that the National Government was once again trampling on the Constitution, the Bible and probably the Code of Hamurabi (you’re welcome). Here are funny drama queen stereotypes so you can make fun of them:

The “Can someone please think of the children?” drama queen:

URGENT!!!!!! The bullies are illegally removing the Columbus statue.


And her friend, the conspiracy theorist drama queen:

 “Well, yeah. She had the unhappy top military brass replaced by the Freemasons, so she can have the audacity to do whatever she wants, total anarchy.” (ALL CAPS MEANS BAD)

And the global connoisseur drama queen:

“I’m not a fan of Columbus, but this slightly resembles that time when the Taliban blew up the Buddhas.”

The poet:

“Columbus, hands and feet bound.”

Anyway, you get the picture. All of them horrified because the National Government was getting away with the slowest, most obvious art heist in history. Yeah, because running away with a solid rock statue that weights like a trillion tons is super easy. What do you think they’re going to do? Tie it to the roof of a car, play this song and just drive south? “Hurry! We need to leave before Macri shows up!“. Come on, now.

The City Government’s Chief of Staff Horacio Rodríguez Larreta said today that “it’s a silly conflict” but that he- wait. What? “Silly conflict”?! Dude, you’re the one who said if you didn’t put a stop to this next thing you know they would be removing the Obelisco!

According to the head engineer of the project, Juan Arriegue, the statue was taken down because there were “numerous warnings about its possible collapse due to its deterioration. So we decided to dismantle it and repair it.” Arriegue said there was no transfer planned though. So there you go. And next time you want to defend a monument, I urge you to go see that replica of the Statue of Liberty in Belgrano. It’s always being vandalized and I don’t see you shaking your fist in the air.

I know the Government is not seeing eye to eye with the Judiciary lately, but from there to thinking they will escape with a giant statue… well. That’s a stretch.

The statue of Christopher Columbus is located in the park behind the Casa Rosada, and there are plans to have it replaced with a statue of Juana Azurduy, a Latin American independence hero.

(Photos via Wikipedia)